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What is a HODLbox exactly?

A HODLbox contains 3 different cryptos each month for the purpose of introducing subscribers to new and interesting cryptos in the space

How many coins/tokens will I get in the box?

It will vary, sometimes significantly. We may get a small quantity or a large quantity of each crypto. Each crypto and acquisition effort is different. We distribute as much as we feasibly can, evenly, to our subscribers.

What is a HODLbox actually worth?

Most HODLboxes contain only unlisted cryptos – this means they aren't traded at any exchanges, typically because they are so new. You should consider all HODLboxes to have no monetary value, but they may be worth something in the future.

How are the cryptos acquired?

We work with developers, large holders, and mine the crypto ourselves to acquire the cryptos to be distributed to our subscribers.